Campanha tetra pak e healsi

July 13th, 2021- Tetra Pak, in a partnership with Healsi, has just announced the launch of a joint campaign, whose motto is “The natural protection that water needed”, and the focus is to make known that water is also available in Tetra Pak cardboard packages, chosen by healsi to reinforce its commitment to the planet.

This way, the two brands unite themselves in order to turn available on national market a water with a high level of silica, whose packaging is made mostly from cardboard produced from trees, which not only regenerate naturally in nature but also absorb CO2 as they grow, having a positive impact on the environment, making the cardboard a more sustainable material. Also the lid that seals this novelty is made by plastic generated from sugar cane, sustainably produced and certified by Bonsucro.
Each Healsi/Tetra Pak package in this line-up is constituted by 67% renewable material, thereby reducing the carbon footprint, even compared to other standard Tetra Pak packages.
Healsi is the only Portuguese brand, so far, to provide water in cardboard package on the market.

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