Healsi ... the beginning

It all began with a relationship which developed between the untouched and pristine natural word, which still remains intact in Portugal, and the vision of a family of doctors. Their concern about the enormous importance of water in human health has led them to search incessantly for water that could go far beyond mere hydration.

After 10 years of research on the purest spring waters, Healsi has arisen. Introduced in a Diamond-shaped bottle, Healsi is a premium water with rare characteristics.

Healsi flows at various meters depth, in a pure and pristine water spring, in Portugal. Due to its rare composition, mainly what regards its high sílica concentration and its neutral pH.

Chemical composition

pH 7
SIO2 61 mg/L
HCO3- 56 mg/L
CI- 23 mg/L
SO2-4 4 mg/L
Ca2+ 2 mg/L
Mg2+ 3 mg/L
K+ 2 mg/L
Na+ 32 mg/L
Total mineralization 183 mg/L

Curiosities about Sílica

Bone Health

Silica has been found to play a vital role in assisting calcium for the human body, by helping in the growth and maintenance of joints and bones. It enhances flexibility in the bones by increasing the amount of collagen – the protein component within the bone structure. It also increases the healing rate of bone dislocations and fractures.


Silica assists the human body in the removal of toxins and heavy metals, such as aluminum. Studies show that the aluminium’s toxicity may be related to diseases such as Alzheimer and other neurological disorders.

Nails, hair and skin

Silica is directly related to the production of collagen, helping to slow down and even reverse some of the effects of aging and improves the strength of nails and hair, giving a youthful glow to the skin.

Heart Health

Studies shown that a healthy heart has higher levels of silica than a less healthy heart. Silica strengthens the muscular tissue of this vital organ.

The brand

More than a necessity, healsi symbolises a healthy and inspiring lifestyle.
Located in the extreme southwest of Europe, Portugal is a metaphor of purity, health and natural beauty.

Eternity is what we aspire to. Health and beauty are attributes that we seek to keep eternal. Healsi is the source of eternity.


Healsi is a pure water, a natural source of vitality. Purity is guaranteed from the process of capturing the water until bottling.


Drinking healsi is synonymous with sophistication.
Our innovative and stylish packaging reveals a concept of pure and solid elegance, just like a diamond.


The high concentration of silica and a neutral pH make healsi a unique water with remarkable benefits for human health.






S. Martinho Group was created in 1992 in Portugal, where it has two production units equipped with the most advanced technology in the industry. It is recognised for the quality and purity of its spring waters.
Over the years this group occupied a prominent position in the Portuguese market through its permanent policy of innovation and quality of services, guaranteeing their sustainable development and ensuring the company’s efficient management of the environment.

It is with the launch of Healsi, a spring water for the Premium segment, that the Group began its ambitious internationalisation project.

Meet the Group
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