After 10 years of intense search have resulted in healsi.
A pure water that is born at several meters depth and has profoundly differentiating characteristics.

Discover a diamond in a bottle...

A water with high silica content

Due to its rare composition, mainly what regards its high concentration of silica and its neutral pH, Healsi contributes to the preservation of your health and beauty. Studies show that this mineral has numerous benefits for bone health, heart, skin, hair and nails. Its consumption contributes to the removal of toxins and heavy metals, acting this way as a natural detox.

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healsi water

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source of eternity

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Perfect in every moment

To consume Healsi is synonymous of sophistication.
Its innovative and stylish package hint a universe of pure and solid elegance, just like a diamond.

Healsi World

3 October 2017

Healsi renew its partnership with Moda Lisboa, which began in the edition of the previous month of March.
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2 October 2017

Diana Pereira, Ana Guedes and Ana Bravo were some of the stars, who passed by Eugénio Campos Jewels’ stand, at Portojoia, which ran until Sunday, the 1st of October, at Exponor. Portojoia is the biggest jewellery event in the country.
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8 August 2017

This year’s Singapore Coffee Festival marked our first public appearance in the city state.
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