A mineral water, that flows from several meters deep, in a pure and intact Portuguese water source and who's the process of capturing maintain this purity until the packaging.
Discover a diamond inside a bottle ...

A water with high silica content

Its rare composition, with a high concentration of silica and a neutral pH, makes the Healsi different at different levels.
The presentation in sophisticated diamond-shaped packaging also contributes to reinforce Healsi's premium positioning.

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healsi water

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source of eternity

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Perfect in every moment

To consume Healsi is synonymous of sophistication.
Its innovative and stylish package hint a universe of pure and solid elegance, just like a diamond.

Healsi World

21 February 2021

healsi was present at another edition of Gulfood, the most important of all in the Middle East region and one of the most important fairs worldwide for the Food & Beverage Industry, which took place in Dubai, between 21 and 25 February 2021 .
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1 October 2020

Outubro é celebrado anualmente, pela healsi, com o objetivo de promover a consciencialização sobre o cancro da mama.
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1 September 2020

Para o regresso às aulas preparamos uma surpresa para os mais pequenos.
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