Tetra Pak

Our new variety of carton packages were specially conceived to protect nutritional values and flavour of our drinks. They've a unique grip, making them easy to open and drink. They also have a strong visual effect. The material used in our Tetrapak packages are 35% more efficient and eco-friendly than other options in the market, having a low CO2 footprint.


Still water

healsi is a premium water with a rare composition, highlighting its high concentration in silica and a neutral pH, contributing to the preservation of human health and beauty.


Sparkling Water

A mineral water, flowing from an aquifer at 285 meters deep, with a capture process that guarantees the purity of this water until its packaging and maintaining stable its composition and quality.
Its rare composition, with a high concentration of silica and a neutral pH, makes  Healsi unique, bringing extraordinary benefits to the health and well-being of the user.
The gasification process, of medium intensity, makes it extremely pleasant for lovers of this type of water.


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