Moda Lisboa Luz 2017

Healsi renew its partnership with Moda Lisboa, which began in the edition of the previous month of March.

And, in this new edition, with a happy coincidence, whether in its concept, or in the central colours of this renowned Portuguese fashion event: Moda Lisboa Luz. “A light that is both tendency, talent and reflection. A light that illuminates the way and that stimulates the ideas, the light as an inspiration source, energy flow and reason of debate”.

It was also that light which stimulated Healsi and brought it the right persistence, in order to find a pure water spring, after an incessant search taking 10 years. This water has unique characteristics in the world, counting on a high silica concentration, low mineralization and neutral pH, promoting the health and beauty of the human beings. It relies on the development of a prime package, seducing everyone with its rare beauty and true light source.

Just like in the previous edition, Healsi will also be present in the fashion individual shows of Eureka and Luis de Carvalho.
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